Thursday, August 9, 2007

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Jeffrey & Lori B. said...

Hey Everybody,

While speaking to people and asking questions about the direction we should take our efforts. We were told that it may be a good idea to inform the Idaho Statesman of our neighborhood situation. This was suggested to us by the real estate agent that helped us with the purchase of our home here. He is a long time resident of the Boise area and seems to be knowledgeable about the local government. He suggested that we tell them about the proposal and express our concerns. What I did, was basically copy the letter that I sent to the mayor(which I posted on the saveparamount blog) and just edited it a bit to send to the Statesman. The reporter that I sent my letter to was named Cynthia Sewell ( She was listed as the reporter for "Growth/Ada County" on their website. I have not heard back from her yet, but perhaps if a few more concerned residents were to contact her it may have more of an impact. I encourage everyone to write her as well. The way that I see it is the more we "rattle the cage" the more attention we'll get.
I look forward to seeing everyone turn out for our neighborhood meeting this Thursday at 8pm at the Paramount Clubhouse.

Jeffrey Badigian

Save Paramount Admin. said...

I agree. I don't think anyone has heard back from the Statesman yet. We will need to get that reporter's ear. Does anyone know Cynthia Sewell or anyone else at the Statesman?

A Neighbor said...

I found this site very interesting. However, have you considered the benefits of a development like this? Stores will be closer so you don't have to drive so much (saving gasoline) and actually reducing traffic. Personally, I look forward to this development.

Save Paramount Admin. said...

We have considered the benefits and discussed them in detail. At issue is not whether ANY retail should be built, but what form it takes, and whether or not it complies with the planned growth along Chinden. The last proposal was for a much larger shopping center than what is planned for.

Jeremy said...

I have tried to invite each of you to the new Paramount List forum, where we can post discussions on a variety of Paramount topics. A number of us are on the site and are using it actively. I apologize if an invitation did not make it to you, however feel free to check it out at: or email me directly for an invitation.